Aldersgate United Methodist Church - Molino, Florida
Wednesday, October 05, 2022
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Rev. Steven P. Winton

Steve and Peggy Winton, with their two daughters, served Aldersgate from 1993 through 1995.  Milestones during Steve’s time at Aldersgate included the start of Disciple Bible Studies and Wednesday Night Suppers. 

When the first Disciple Bible Study began, Edna Taylor remembers that Myrtya Helms wanted to take the course, but was unable to read the lessons, being legally blind.  Steve made an audio recording of the scriptures for her each week, providing her the ability to participate in the program.  It meant a great deal to Mrs. Helms, and she was very grateful, as were all others who participated in the bible study. Edna describes Steve’s effort as being “a true sign of a servant leader.”

Wednesday night suppers saw the participation of guest speakers (usually community based), who joined the congregation to provide a program each week.  Jackie McCaskill, Chester Spinks, and the other United Methodist Men took care of the lawn, ensuring that the church was always a welcoming place.

Donna Ging has fond memories of Steve.  She believes him to be one of the best speakers of God’s word to serve at Aldersgate.  She recalls that, when talking to Steve, she knew she had his undivided attention; and when he spoke, she felt his compassion and his love of God. 

During the Winton’s time at Aldersgate, their older daughter,Cameron, was a young teen who was active with the youth group.  Katie was a young child, just beginning school. As did other members of the congregation, Peggy home schooled Katie.  Now young adults, both of the Winton girls are part of God’s ministry: Cameron is Director of Missions at Woodlawn Methodist in Panama City,and Katie, also in Panama City, utilizes her Art degree to reach her congregation as an Activities Coordinator.  This year at Annual Conference, Cameron was presented the Harry Denham Evangelism Laity Award for 2015.  

Steve is starting his third year First United Methodist Church in Troy.  Peggy is active in a new program called Servant Recovery, which ministers to those with addiction problems.  Steve has now been in the ministry for 32 years and looks forward to many more years serving God in the ministry. His message to us is “Love to all of you.Glad we shared the time with you, and [we] appreciate your faithfulness to the ministry of Aldersgate United Methodist Church.”