Aldersgate United Methodist Church - Molino, Florida
Wednesday, October 05, 2022
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Rev. John Weeks

Rev. John Weeks

John Weeks was Aldersgate’s pastor from 1972-1974. Forty years later, his service at Aldersgate is still vivid in his mind. He recalls the church as being very vital and alive during those years. He remembers marrying Bill and Edna Taylor and participating in youth activities with Renee Cheney Hardy, Janie Hassebrock, Kathy Helms Starkey, and Jackie Williamson Milstid. He remembers that Rusty Luth started the Boy Scout Ministry, and his visits to the home of Annie Hastings.  To this day he can remember his way around Old Molino.

Reverend Weeks and his wife were the first to live in the new parsonage. In fact,Reverend Weeks and Herbert Hicks attended the charge conference to ask for the funds for its construction. Building a new parsonage was the biggest financial issue facing the church at that time, because the old parsonage was inadequate (“the worst”, to use Reverend Weeks’s words), but the congregation was growing, and the debt from the original building was significant. Although Aldersgate was not granted funding for a new parsonage, the conference did underwrite a loan. It took approximately six months to build the parsonage. Once complete, it was “the best” Reverend Weeks had lived in.

The Weeks’s time at Aldersgate was significant personally as well. John spoke of Nelda’s miscarriage while at Aldersgate and how kind everyone was. He recalled Lora Jane Yuhasz coming to visit Nelda and sitting with her for several hours. They were both touched and comforted. 

John and Nelda left Aldersgate in 1974 with Nelda being nine months pregnant. They now have two daughters. The oldest daughter is a missionary and returned home from Uganda the end of 2014. The youngest daughter is married and has four children. Both daughters live in St. Louis. John and Nelda retired in 2006 after 44 years in the ministry. They returned to his hometown, Ozark, Alabama, to care for John’s elderly father, and remain there today.