Aldersgate United Methodist Church - Molino, Florida
Wednesday, October 05, 2022
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Rev. Jim Reece

Reverend James (Jim) David Reece

Reverend Jim Reece entered the ministry in 1981, and became pastor at Aldersgate in 1988.  Shortly after he accepted the appointment, he and Mary were married. The couple became an integral part of the Aldersgate family and the Molino community.  Reverend Reece remained Aldersgate’s pastor through 1993, with a hiatus from 1990-1991 due to his role as a National Guard Chaplain during the first Gulf War. Reverend Hugh McDonald became the interim pastor during Reverend Reece’s time on active duty.

Reverend Reece remembers this time most vividly because he was so touched by the love shown him and, more importantly, to Mary because of the care and love she was shown during his absence.   She was allowed to stay in the parsonage, and even continued to receive his salary for several months to ensure financial stability in his absence. 

Besides his marriage and call to active duty, there were many milestones during Reverend Reece’s time at Aldersgate.  A relationship was formed with Molino Elementary School that continues today with Molino Park Elementary; our pipe organ was installed by Tom Helms; our old organ was donated to New Hope Primitive Baptist Church; we were able to meet our financial obligations; and a stronger youth group evolved.  Reverend Reece remembers the work he did with the youth of Aldersgate, which at the time included Mindy Enfinger, Melissa Milstid, Shannon Abbott, and Courtney Abbott.

Jim retired from the National Guard as a Colonel in 2009.  Jim and Mary retired from the ministry in 2013 and moved to Hoover, Alabama to be closer to family.  Jim’s children, April and David, are both married and live nearby, as does Mary’s family.  Jim and Mary have two grandsons and see them as often as possible.

I asked Jim if he had a message for Aldersgate.  “Thank you.  Thank you for the role you played in allowing me to expand my ministry and serve in the National Guard which took me away on a regular basis; you made a number of things possible and let me minister to many – not only those at Aldersgate.  Thank you for taking care of Mary, and thank you for how gracious we were treated.”

Terry Williamson Monahan