Aldersgate United Methodist Church - Molino, Florida
Wednesday, October 05, 2022
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Rev. David L. Cook

David Cook served Aldersgate from 2001-2005.  David’s wife, Chris, is also a minister and served at Ferry Pass United Methodist Church during thissame time.  The Cook Family lived in the Ferry Pass parsonage and this proved to be a challenge for David at times.  He recalled getting to Aldersgate several times to realize that he had forgotten something only to have to drive back to town in “that awful” Davis Highway traffic.  They have four daughters.  Most remembered by us is Serena, the oldest.  She attended church services at Aldersgate the majority of the time.  She is currently living in St. Petersburg, and is employed by Target in a corporate Human Resources Management role.  Sara currently lives in Hawaii.  Tonya and her husband are proud parents of Tonya.  Alanna is a senior at Troy State University.  Shelby the youngest, is a freshman at Auburn University.  David is very proud of his daughters and made the comment to me:  “Our daughters are doing extremely well, when I lay my head down to sleep at night, the wellbeing of my children is not what keeps me awake.” 

I asked David when he received his calling to God’s work.  “As a teenager, I preached my first time on the first Sunday in December, 1975.”

David arrived at Aldersgate following a very tremulous time for the church as a whole.  The congregation seemed to be divided – we had faced many challenges not only in the body of the church, but had suffered financially and was in the red by close to $10,000.  David was pleased that the church faced these challenges and the congregation stepped up and met them all.  David stated that his time at Aldersgate was very challenging personally as well.  He faced the huge task of recovering financially and most importantly, bringing the congregation back together by focusing on Christ based discipleship.

David recalled fond memories of Harold Ames.  He considered him a positive force and they worked well together.  He also recalled fond memories of Ranella Merritt and Donna Ging.  He stated that Donna had the most remarkable memory.  Edna Taylor commented that David was a hard worker, he was seen many times working on the church van, was always fixing something, and was one of the most staunch supporters of work days at the church.  David was “hounded” by our then Choir Director, Cornelia Nettles, to join the choir.  Choir members often laughed that she was constantly tell him to sing from his diaphragm. 

David’s message to us is very simple:  “In the mist of any storm of life, keep your eyes on Jesus and you will know what to do.” 

David now serves at Fairview United Methodist Church and Chris, (Dr. Chris Cook) serves at Hope Hull United Methodist Church.  We look forward to seeing David on October 4th, when he joins us in our celebration of our 50th Anniversary.