Aldersgate United Methodist Church - Molino, Florida
Wednesday, October 05, 2022
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Rev. Alan Gantzhorn

Rev. Alan Gantzhorn

Alan and Jackie Gantzhorn are very familiar to most of us.  Alan holds Aldersgate’s record for longevity of service with nine years starting in 2005.  Alan, who heard his call to ministry at a Disciple Bible Study at Peachtree Road Methodist Church in 1997, began his service as Associate Pastor in 2002 at First United Methodist Church in Pensacola. 

Alan sees his ministry at Aldersgate as having been a transitional time for the church, whenone generation was stepping aside and a younger generation was stepping forward to take the reins.  He believes that Holy Week of 2014 was a pivotal moment for the church’s youth, when 10 were confirmed and 13 baptized.  When asked for his memories of the congregation, he replied:

“I would just say that from our first day at Aldersgate until we left, we felt loved and supported and encouraged by all of the members of our church family, and we deeply appreciated the many acts of kindness done to make us feel welcome and loved.  If I had to single anyone out by name, it would be our church staff.  Betty made my ministry possible and I cannot even imagine my ministry at Aldersgate without her.  Ranella was so faithful, and I appreciated her as a source for an honest critique of my preaching.  And Holly added so much spirit to our worship.  I never cease to be amazed at the way the Holy Spirit works, bringing together a high church ex-Catholic pastor and a Pentecostal choir director, and making it work Sunday after Sunday.  To God be the Glory.”

During Alan’s ministry, the Aldersgate’s library and prayer room were remodeled, the fellowship hall was repaired, and the sanctuary received new air condition units.

Alan’s message to us is the same one that he hoped came through during nine years of preaching:  Remember that the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Alan now lives with his wife, Jackie, and her mother, Margaret Reeves, in Jackson, Mississippi.  Ms. Reeves health continues to decline requiring either Jackie or Alan to be with her at all times.  Please support with your prayers.